• Six upholstered units for simple configuration

  • Fully modular system

  • Multi-purpose use for easy zoning

  • Webbed seat for extra comfort

  • Extensive range of accessories including power and lighting



In today’s progressive workplaces, space is arranged to suit the activities and tasks that take place. Lines of division are removed, and opportunity for staff to seamlessly flow from one work zone to another stimulates creativity and innovation.

Flord is a generously proportioned sofa, with individual modular units making re-arranging easy, giving you flexibility in larger workspaces to change layouts keeping things fresh.

Flord is a fully modular sofa range, every piece is made for moulding to your workspace needs.

"Modular sofas are perfect as room dividers so if you have an open plan space, they create a way to section the room up but still make it a social space. Let your imagination run creating multiple arrangements with this versatile piece, perfectly adaptable and designed to enhance any workspace."

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